Steve Acord
Head Brewer

Favorite Dirty Bucket Ale: Full Nelson India Black Ale

All ya need to know about The Dirty Bucket Brewing Co.
The Dirty Bucket Brewery is the newest Nanobrewery to hit the Northwest. What is a nanobrewery you might ask?  
Our brewery is a very small brewery operation running on a 1/2 barrel system. We are recognized by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB), and are fully licensed and regulated. 

"We're commited to creating a handcrafted experience in every pint."
Meet Your Dirty Bucket Crew
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Dirty Bucket Brewing Co. started over exactly that...a dirty bucket. Brewing in the garage and pondering the idea of creating a place where we can share our beers and passion for creating them. After we took that leap of faith towards brewing as a profession we needed a name. Holding true to our "Home Brewing" roots the name Dirty Bucket Brewing Co. was tossed up and the more we thought about it the more we realized there truly was no other name that better describes our passion.

By creating smaller batches we are able to maintain an intimate level of craftsmanship and rotate different styles of beers more frequently giving our customers a wider range of beers to choose from
Sharon Wagner-Acord
Financials, Brewer

Favorite Dirty Bucket Ale: Full Nelson and Rusty Pail
and growing....
As we bring our first year to a close we introduce our new 3 bbl brew house and five 7 bbl fermenters.  This will give us the capacity to bring our ales to the wholesale market as well as begin our seasonal bottling projects.  Look for our 1st bottle release this Aprl 2013.  We also are working on getting our Filthy Hoppn' IPA in 16oz cans by this summer.

We are excited about our growth and the support we continue to receive from you all.

Steve Acord
Owner / Head Brewer
Ryan Lago
Cellar Manager
Asst. Brewer

Favorite Dirty Bucket Ale: Bedraggled Irish Red Ale
Jordan Acord
Official Brewery Tour Guide and Server

Jordan doesnt have a favorite yet, but as soon as he is 21 I am sure he will find one he likes..